Step1- Wash Your Face

This step will remove any dirt, oil or makeup on your face.


Step2- Wait for 1 -2 Hour

To  figure out your natural skin type, wait for 1-2 hour without putting any product on your face, this will allow only natural skin oil to build up.


Step3 Time for Truth

If your skin is...
Normal/Combination Skin
If your skin is dry in some areas, and oily in others, you probably have normal/combination skin. This is the most common skin type.

Dry Skin
 If  your face will feel tight and possibly itchy after this experiment & you see little to no oil produced in either your T-zone or other areas of your face, then you have dry skin.


Oily Skin
If your skin type is oily, your face will feel slick and look shiny after an hour.


If you have any further questions about figuring out your skin type, the best kind of products to use for certain concern, be sure to direct message us at @skindrlondon on Instagram.