Why My Oily Skin Need Face Moisturizer?

Are you looking for the best fairness cream in India?

Well, most of us want a flawless and fair looking skin, and thus, sometimes, irrespective of the skin type that we have, we lookout for products that promise to make us fair.Another question that keeps on popping in our minds is, as I have oilier skin, then do I need a moisturizer.


One of the common misconceptions regarding the skin care is that oily skin produces a lot of natural oil, so, it might not need a moisturizer, as using one will enhance the oily appearance of the skin while making it more prone to the acne.

Do I Need A Mositurizer For the Oily Skin?

Yes, you do need a moisturiser for your oily skin. Our skin always needs to be kept hydrated and moisturized, and especially when it is oily. Some oils packed withthe best moisturizers aren’t bad for the skin, and thus, help in reducing the sebum production in the skin while giving it a better texture.

How A Mosituriser Works?

First of all, the oil produced by our skin does not hydrate the skin, and in many cases is the result of the hormonal issues. It is simply produced by the skin, and it does not do anything positive for the skin.

The moisturizers, on the other hand, enhance the water content of the skin and even, prevent the moisture loss from the skin when they are infused with the natural humectants. These help in attracting the moisture  from the air to keep the skin supple and smooth.

Moisturizers Help In Reducing the Sebum Production

The pore clogging sebum produced by the skin is the enemy of the skin. It attracts the debris and dirt; makes the impurities stick on the skin, while making the skin cells occlusive causing an endless battle with the acne and pimples. Also, for the acne bacteria, sebum is their food source.

The moisturizer application slows down the evaporation of the moisture from the skin, due to which, the cells producing the sebum shut down. The moisturizers packed with fruit acids and natural oils possess the organic oils which mimic our skin’s own sebum, giving an impression of the sebum producing cells that there is already enough sebum present. This way, the skin starts producing less sebum, and gradually your oily skin tends to become less oily.

Also, the acne products fight the acne, but sometimes make the skin very dry, causing tightness and flakiness. The moisturiser helps in controlling these issues, and let the acne products work effectively on the skin without any harmful effects. However, it’s always a good idea to choose your moisturizer very carefully. Don’t just go for the best fairness cream in India. Check the ingredients carefully and ensure that it is rich in natural elements and not the chemical compounds.

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