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Skin Dr London DAILY MOISTURIZER, enriched with essential vitamins and natural oils is a complete daily moisturizer for all skin types. It gently hydrates facial & body skin without irritating. Skin Dr London DAILY MOISTURIZER for men & women is specifically designed to,

Premature Ageing, Fine lines, Wrinkles & Pigmentation

Healthy, Youthful & Glowing Skin

Sensitive, Damaged & Allergy-Prone Skin

Safe, Effective & Natural

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■ Gently Massage on damp face & body skin until completely absorbed.
■ For best results use 2-3 times a day with Skin Dr London DAILY FACEWASH & Skin Dr London DAILY SOAP.

The most significant part of the daily skin care routine is its moisturization after the cleansing, especially of the facial skin. Dry skin not only looks dull and lifeless, but also starts showing the signs of the premature aging.

Skin Dr. London offers the best moisturizer for oily skin, normal skin and dry skin. Enriched with the natural oils and essential vitamins, the Skin Dr. London Daily Moisturizer gives the best skin care. Ideal for use on both facial and body skin, it can also be used as the best face cream in India.

Why Do You Need A Moisturizer?

A moisturizer keeps the skin fortified and hydrated while maintaining its natural suppleness. In the absence of a moisturizer, the natural oils from the skin starts drying off, leaving the skin dull and lifeless.

A good moisturizer significantly boosts the hydration of the skin, prevents flakiness and creates a  protective layer of moisture on the skin which lasts for hours. Also, the proper application of the skin moisturizer enables the anti-aging ingredients to work better.

Skin Dr. London offers the best face cream for dry skin and best moisturizer for oily skin all in one pack.  This essential moisturizer has been designed  for preventing the premature aging, promoting the youthful skin, repairing the damaged and allergy prone skin, while protecting it in a natural manner.

Best Moisturizer For Women In India

Moisturizers go much beyond just hydrating the skin, as they add the vital nutrients and vitamins to the skin whilst reducing the excess sebum which makes the skin look oily.

Skin Dr. London offers the best moisturizer and best fairness cream in India, which can be used by women with all skin types. Devoid of harmful chemicals and skin damaging ingredients, it is an ideal skin moisturizing solution. It provides the optimum benefits to your skin as its rich in the essential vitamins required for the nourishment of the skin.

Best Moisturizer For Men In India

Men have very hard skin, and thus, they need an intense moisturizer which can seep into the skin and hydrate it from within. The Skin Dr. London’s Daily Moisturizer can be used by men, as it offers a broad array of skin benefits apart from the protection of the skin from excessive dryness.

It ideally satisfies the unique needs of the man’s skin and provide them the best skin care by keeping the skin hydrated. It should be used after the shave, bath and exfoliation for the best results.