Skin Dr London DAILY SOAP (Pack of 6)


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Skin Dr London DAILY SOAP enriched with natural oils & gentle cleansers is a complete daily moisturizing soap for all skin types. It gently cleanses the body skin without drying. Skin Dr London DAILY SOAP for men & women is specifically designed to,

Premature Ageing, Fine lines, Wrinkles & Pigmentation

Healthy, Youthful & Glowing Skin

Sensitive, Damaged & Allergy-Prone Skin

Safe, Effective & Natural

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Gently massage on wet body skin to produce foam, leave for 30 seconds.
 Rinse off with water & pat dry.
 For best results use with Skin Dr London DAILY MOISTURIZER.

Predominantly, in India we prefer bathing with a soap and water to maintain our day to day hygiene, to stay clean and to nourish our skin. While there are an array of soaps available on the racks of the supermarket, but, we all look for the best soap which not only provides the right care to our skin and eliminates all the germs from it but also possesses moisturizing properties.

The Skin Dr. London’s DAILY SOAP is enriched with the natural oils which provide moisturization to all skin types while facilitating gentle cleansing without being harsh on the skin.

A Gentle Cleanser for All skin Types

Without ripping the skin off its natural oils, the Skin Dr. London offers amazing cleansing properties. It is the best moisturizing soap in India that can be used by people with dry, normal and oily skin alike, as it gently cleanses the skin, moisturizes it, and help you maintain supple and youthful skin in an easier manner.

The Skin Dr. London soap provides the premium care to the skin while protecting it and enforcing the natural barriers of the skin which don’t let it become dry.  It intensely smoothens, softens and nourishes the skin, and helps in preventing the signs of premature aging, wrinkles, pigmentation and fine lines.

Best Soap For Men And Women

The Skin Dr. London soap is a luxurious bathing bar enriched with the natural oils which help in adding an essential moisture to the dry skin to make it really smooth. It is indeed the best soap for women and men, and can be used by both irrespective of the skin type.

While the Skin Dr. London soap intensely moisturizes the dry skin, but, it never makes the oily skin look even more oilier. It perfectly balances all the three skin types and nourishes the skin with the right blend of nutrients and natural oils.

Apart from helping your body get rid of the dry skin, it also removes the tan and its special ingredients work on making your skin look fairer. The astounding nourishment and toning properties of this soap bar make it the best soap in India.

Best Fairness Soap in India

If you are looking or a soap which can revitalize it, and make it look younger as well as lighter in color,  you won’t get anything better than the Skin Dr. London soap. Developed by the skin experts, it possesses an ideal blend of all the essential nutrients which make the skin healthy, radiant, supple and fair.