“I have never taken any supplements for hair before, so I cannot compare. I take it because after one month of using this product twice a day as directed, I noticed fewer hairs in my comb after Shower. I will continue to purchase and use it as Maintenance.”

-Clark Baney


“My skin was always fine but it looks 10 years younger with Nutraskin. When I reached 38 this year, I started looking for skin supplements to prevent it from further ageing. This was a great find! I will continue to have it.”

– Rishabh Soni


“I am a female born with very thick and curly hair, I have a dark complexion. My hair and skin had been going through a lot because I am a model and my hair is certainly over-styled, also, I have to wear make-up all the time. This resulted into uneven skin, pigmentation and hair shedding. That was terrible.

This product keeps me going because it has put a full stop on my hair fall and I don’t have to keep applying concealer to hide my marks anymore. It is better than any salon treatment and makes your hair and skin healthy from inside.”

Vedanshi Thevar


“I’m 40 and before my ageing symptoms could actually start appearing noticeably, I started taking both NUTRASKIN and NUTRAHAIR. My skin makes me look much younger and hair is thick and healthy. People tell me I am ageing gracefully, feels great.

You do have to take at least 2 tablets per day.”


-Maida Coen Clukey


“My hair transplant doctor told me to take Nutrahair for faster re-growth after my hair transplant. My hair started to grow in 6-7 weeks and I have full growth at almost 6 months. And the Supplement is all natural.”

-Ankit Sood


“I am a working mother and could never take care of my skin, so much ignorance lead to cracked and pigmented skin. I became conscious when everyone would advise me face creams, home-made masks and what not. My sister brought me this product she was using. After three months, I am seeing a visible difference on my face even other people noticed.”

Gyralyn Ezel



“When I suddenly started losing Hair, my trichologist told me that my work out supplements were actually causing my hair loss. I’ve been taking Nutrahair for 4 months with my daily routine and now my hair is much thicker, fuller and no more hair-fall.”


– Sanchit Lakra


“I had fine lines in early age due to dry skin. I have a healthy diet. My age was showing on my face. I have already finished one packet; my skin has not looked this good before. My skin is smoother. Dryness is minimal on my skin even in winters. It’s not expensive and totally worth it to have clear skin and to feel good about myself again. I ordered my second packet. Thanks Nutraskin.”

Daizy Loudin


 “I realized I was losing hair post-pregnancy when I went to my hair and beauty stylist first time after my delivery. He told me about my thinning hair and skin like never before, it was all patchy! He refused to chemically treat my skin and hair. I needed a natural treatment. I had heard about these products but was skeptic because I was still breast feeding, this supplement is all natural and has no side effects so I ordered. I was not expecting magical results but my stylist could spot the difference after I used it for a few weeks. It is a nice product.”


Julieta Blocher Ebel



“I want to save my Hair from Thinning as I Age. My dermatologist has suggested Nutrahair can slow down my hair reduction, I have ordered this product.  “                                        

-Darnel Tomson


“I always had beautiful long hair until recently when I had to get them cut because my hair was shedding more than a dog. This started happening when I started working out hard. So, with my Weight loss programme, I lost my hair as well.

I started using this product a few weeks back and I hope it solves my problem permanently, it has been working well.

I have also ordered NUTRASKIN for a better skin since I have many deficiencies due to dieting and excessive work out that show on my face.”


Latanya Keshwani



“I’ve been taking this for long! Hair and Skin are dependent on diet, stress, medications etc. The natural ingredients just have to be good for the body in general that can provide your body what it is lacking. I’m satisfied with this supplement and will continue to have it.”


Greg Ackel


“In recent months my hair had gotten very thin. A friend recommended Nutrahair to me so I decided to give it a try. My hair has become quite a bit thicker and my hairdresser confirms that fact. Not just that, he recommends it to other clients with thinning hair. I am happy with the product and continue to take it daily.”


Liela Mellon


“My hair is growing back! The results have been amazing to say the least.”


Nisha Singh


“I have a very sensitive skin and it used to tan easily. Vacations ended up in frustration. But I have been taking two tablets a day and it’s so much better. It has been a big problem for me, redness and itching due to sun tan. Nutraskin is a part of my meal now.”

Sean L.Adward.


It works; my hair is denser, fuller and darker. I lost so much hair that  you could see bald patches, I Could not dare to experiment with my hair, it might go even worse, so asked my hair expert and got this. Well, after 2 weeks the results are awesome can’t wait for 6 months to pass to see way more hair. Thank you for offering this product at a great price.”

Ishira Sharma


I used this product for long with good results. I stopped for several months just to try other products but did not achieve the same results. My hair is thin and limp so I’m going back to Nutrahair.”


 Lonnie Hollin

“I thank you for saving me from becoming bald. I have seen the best results”.


Randeep Singh


Nutraskin and Nutrahair by Skin Dr. London are amazing. My dermatologist recommended these because my skin was dull and flaky and my hair was thinning rapidly.

 I took 1 tablet of each in the morning and one at night. After having it for six weeks, the shedding stopped and after 5 months my hair is thicker. And also, my skin looks healthy now. I recommend this to everyone who asks me.”


Vinnie Ghaffari

“My hair loss has certainly reduced with Nutrahair.

My hair also feels smoother and softer, not sure if it is this product or my new shampoo.”


-Tiara Dane

“I saw Nutraskin and Nutrahair in a medical store when I was suffering from deadly hair-fall and lifeless dull skin, because of some surgeries and pain meds. It was not very expensive so I gave it a try. I liked it immediately and felt like my hair was healthier and skin looked hydrated, it literally made me heal. It’s not a miracle but I think it’s a very good product and will continue to use it.”


Krupa Shah


“You name a fairness cream and I have tried it. They just don’t help and make the face look so sticky. This tablet is good for all skin types. I use my regular skin products with two tablets of Nutraskin and that’s it. Fairness doesn’t come from applying something on the surface it needs internal cleansing.”

Nikia Mathur